Dame Dash To Be Evicted From His Home???

Dame Dash To Be Evicted From His Home???

As we have seen in recent days, the Government is not playing around with millionaires of Hip Hop who owe back taxes. They will throw people in jail quicker than you can say, Jay's your uncle! If we were in Damon's position, we would be holding a garage sale in the front yard right this very minute!

That is the downside of this game. It lavished untold fortunes on a few individuals for a while in the 90′s and allowed for them to believe that money would always be pouring in. They hired people to watch their money that were often incapable of accounting for those large amounts of money or who ended up stealing from those stars, and the result was a lot of disillusioned men and women who thought their finances were being looked after properly when they were not. Many of those people have faced prosecution for tax evasion or tax fraud as a result.

The New York Daily News article referred to "a September 2011 article that portrayed Dash as still living large, describing his Carmel home as equipped with a full music studio, a pool, hardwood floors and a spectacular view." Anyone with any knowledge of Hip Hop and how the game works would know, that most people are not really living the way they claim they are. Most rappers make less than a kid who works at Target or Walmart when the actual check rolls in. But they have on the gear and the diamonds in their ears and retro Jordan's on their feet, so everyone thinks they're worth much more than their bank accounts reflect. It's just how it works...or doesn't work depending on how you look at it.

In a sworn statement asking a judge not to garnish his wages, Dash disclosed:

"- He pays $24,000 every three months to his ex-wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy, for child support of their two kids, and to cover money owed on properties.

- New York state forces Dash to send another $4,341.10 per month for support of his son, Christian.

- He paid nearly $20,000 in garnished wages in late 2012 for other debts.

- And he faces a pending $40,000 tax payment for business earnings."