Dallas Cops Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Laughing At Disabled Military Vet Who Urinated On Himself

Dallas Cops Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Laughing At Disabled Military Vet Who Urinated On Himself

Dallas cops have been awarded Donkey Of The Day for laughing at disabled military veteran who urinated on himself.

Even in 2023, it's no secret that America treats its military veterans like straight trash and the focus of today's Donkey Of The Day is no exception.

Back in June, a disabled Army veteran by the name of Dynell Lane had to use the bathroom at Serious Pizza which is located in the Deep Ellum neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.

Unfortunately, Lane was denied that option by two off-duty cops (later identified as James Smith and Juan Figueroa Luna) providing security and the result of their denial is interesting to say the least.

One of two on-duty cops (who have yet to be identified) that later arrived at the restaurant had this say, "Somebody called saying they just pissed themselves because of you two guys."

The other on-duty cop had this to add, "You just made a guy pee himself?"

One of the off-duty cops replied with, "He called on us? AHAHAHAHA!"

The female on-duty cop elaborated with, "He said you wouldn't let him use the restroom, and then he called and said it's okay, he doesn't need to use the restroom anymore because he soiled himself."

Lane himself had this to say, "The Dallas Police Department failed me. They declined to assist me by not giving me the courtesy of checking my ID or medical documents."

Lane concluded with, "I had to endure urine and bowel leakage while inside the restaurant. As a retired sergeant, I had higher expectations for the city. Please hear me when I ask for change so no one with a disability has to endure what I endured."

The owner of Serious Pizza had this to say in a statement, “We are disappointed by the conduct of the officers involved in this incident, the extent to which we were not aware of until the bodycam footage was released yesterday [Wednesday, Aug. 16]. We have requested that the contracted off-duty officers who were on duty that night not be assigned to our restaurant moving forward, as their actions were not representative of how we treat our guests and the general public. We are disappointed to have learned about the way he was treated in the vicinity of our restaurant.”

There's more but we'll let Charlamagne Tha God take over from here...


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