#CWMuzik (@CeezWorld215) Interviews Brandon Isaiah (@BoyWifDaOldSoul)

Brandon Isaiah rocking Toronto Raptors jersey [Press Photo]

Brandon Isaiah Talks Music Career With Ceez World

Brandon Isaiah, breakdown your style and how long did it take you to develop your sound?

I'm a conscious MC but know how to keep it G. Put things in retrospect even though I don't like doing this, I'm like a blend of 50, J.Cole, jay and I got flow like Biggie

Brandon Isaiah, you are now living in Atlanta. How do you feel about the Atlanta sound and how do you fit in to the music scene in Atlanta?

I Don't lol. But I love it, I'm "different" but I'm cool with that. I personally don't think nobody touching me but that's just my opinion. As far as the Atlanta sound, I'd like to see some originality. Everybody sound the same but hey they getting money so who am I to judge. Shout out to the Migos though, they put that whole flow on the map.

Brandon Isaiah, you have an LP coming called "The Book Of Isaiah." Why that title and what does that title mean to you?

it actually dropped already, last year, we're just starting to get a lot more recognition for it. I called it "The Book of Isaiah" because it's like a double entendre. It's album about my life and a twist of biblical prophecy as Isaiah in the Bible was a prophet.

Brandon Isaiah, who are some people you have worked with on "The Book Of Isaiah" and how long did it take you to complete this project?

I linked up with some dope producers, one being Gravez who is already signed and on tour. We went to the same high school. As far as features, just my dawgs Phee and DK, Dope Music True Music!

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