Cosmic Legaci x @ShadowstarBoxer x @CyranoSinatra x @GhostDogMC Are 'Character Assassins'
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Cosmic Legaci x @ShadowstarBoxer x @CyranoSinatra x @GhostDogMC Are ‘Character Assassins’

Universal Entities is the brainchild of veteran emcee Cosmic Legaci, to form a collective aimed at spreading positivity through music.

Now joining forces with other rhyme vets Big Chief Smash, Shadowstar Boxer, Ghost Dog, & Cyrano Sinatra, Universal Entities has become a force to be reckoned with as they embark on “The C.A.N.A.R.Y. Tour“, to Challenge And Nurture At-Risk Youth.

Universal Entities has released their 1st collaborative project, leading up to their soon-to-be-released collaborative mixtape.