Cops Looking For Racists That Shot @ #BlackLivesMatter Activists In Minnesota

Cops Looking For Racists That Shot @ #BlackLivesMatter Activists In Minnesota 1

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 3 purported white supremacists are being sought in connection with the alleged shooting of 5 Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

The protests were part of ongoing outcry over the police shooting of an unarmed black man last week.

Among those with a first hand account of the incident, protester Jie Wronski-Riley (below), who told reporters at first she thought firecrackers were going off, but quickly realized they were being shot at.

Protester Jie Wronski-Riley In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Protesters have been out enmasse since the November 15th shooting of 24-year old Jamar Clark, a suspect in a domestic violence incident, is reportedly was interfering with the paramedics trying tend to his victim.

Witnesses say after a brief altercation with police, Clark was cuffed and "choked-slammed to the ground" before he was shot in the head by police. Police dispute the eye-witness account.

A multi-tiered federal, state and local investigation is underway.

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