The Congressional Black Caucus Come Together To Speak On Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Congressional Black Caucus [Logo Artwork]

I knew it was only a matter of time before this situation came to pass…

According to RollingOut Magazine:

Congressional Black Caucus members have had it with President Donald Trump and his allegedly racist administration.

The CBC is enraged at Trump’s lukewarm, disingenuous and morally equivalent response to the hate crimes against Blacks and Jews in Charlottesville, Virginia recently.

After an emergency meeting was called, the CBC is doubling-down on their efforts to #RootOutRacism in the White House and any other branch of the federal government.

CBC chairman Cedric Richmond is spearheading the campaign that will focus efforts on combating racist government official as well as racist policy.

“The people that work in the White House should not be white nationalists or white supremacists,” Richmond said on a conference call with NBC News reporters Monday. “[Steve] Bannon is gone but you still have [Stephen] Miller and [Sebastian] Gorka and that still sends a horrible message and anyone else in the White House who shares those views.”

More on this story as it develops…