“Congratulations” To J-Oats & Lil Med

"Congratulations" To J-Oats & Lil Med

J-Oats featuring Lil Med
Official Music Video

"Congratulations" To J-Oats & Lil Med

“Congratulations” is a reflection record.

After the series of releases in 2022, followed by “Back”, Illinois native J-Oats is being received differently – the music world is taking the artist more seriously.

The conversations are changing, closed doors are opening, and it is not going unnoticed.

With the business changes come personal changes that Oats illustrates how these are being navigated in real time in his new single.

J teamed with Purple Box videos where videos are fully green screen videos shot and edited by APJ Films.

A staple in the Chicago hip hop scene where BARS meet technology.

“Congratulations” has a celebratory vibe, recognizing accomplishments but understanding the job isn’t done.

J-Oats’ “Congratulations” track is also available now to stream and cop on Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube Music | Tidal | Audiomack