Common & Pete Rock “Wise Up” (Video)

Common & Pete Rock "Wise Up" (Video)

Common and Pete Rock share their new single and video for their collaboration single, “Wise Up”.

An artist’s creative peak isn’t always located in the heat of their first years.

Such is the case on Common and Pete Rock’s new single, “Wise Up”.

Cratedigging, making beats, and writing verses — these rituals of youth were exercised with an adult’s patience and control.

The two highly-favored sons of hip hop realized they were coming from a similar place of gratitude and enthusiasm for the genre.

“Wise Up” is the past, present, and future happening all at once.

In any decade, an absolute banger!

Common & Pete Rock "Wise Up" (Video)

‘Wise Up’ represents the coming together of a New York producer and a Chicago emcee doing the hip hop we love. It feels like the spirit of where we come from, the boom bap, the basement, but it also feels forward and new. We wanted this to be the first joint because this record captures a new sound and is a new light but speaks directly to our hip hop family.” –Common

Working with Common was a breath of fresh air. We both connected to a higher power, which helped us tap into our greatest level of creativity. We constructed an amazing project! Common has an incredible soul, so it was easy to connect with someone who is on the same page as me.” –Pete Rock

Common and Pete Rock’s “Wise Up” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms

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