Up & Coming Pop Artist @JustinMorelli Remixes DJ Khaled’s ‘Wild Thoughts’

Up & Coming Pop Artist @JustinMorelli Remixes DJ Khaled's 'Wild Thoughts'

Justin Morelli was born to sing. As he embarks on his journey to superstardom, Justin is geared to bring his unbridled passion for music and his innate gift of sound to the forefront. Get ready for NYC’s homegrown Pop star.

New York City is a breeding ground for talent; most of which is imported. But, Justin Morelli, a Manhattan native, was born right into the very environment that brings music to life. Raised on a healthy diet of Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, and accents of Top 40 hits, Justin inherited a truly diverse palate directly from his parents’ stereo. He became enamored with rich soulful vocals, even breaking his mother’s Stevie Wonder cassette from playing it so many times. As a teenager, Justin gravitated toward Motown revival act Boyz II Men, Usher, R. Kelly, Justin Timberlake and eventually Chris Brown.

“I didn’t realize the impact that the fusion of Soul and Pop had on me until I actually began my career,” Justin explains. “It made me who I am today.” In addition to singing, Justin also loves to dance, citing Michael Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake as some of his ultimate influences. “I feel like music and movement belong together,” the triple threat of singer-songwriter-dancer explains.

Justin’s gift of singing was always there, yet the diligence wasn’t. When his parents offered voice lessons as a teen, the natural-born rebel refused after the first session. “I knew that I could sing,” the young crooner recalls. “It just wasn’t the right time to show it.” He went onto college, and by graduation he knew that music was his calling. “From that point on, I decided to give this everything that I had,” Justin recalls. His hustle should be studied, as he went on to network, working with many different producers and songwriters, honing his craft along the way. “Things just started happening,” he recalls, right after having worked with producer Rob Knox fresh off Justin Timberlake’s ’20/20 Experience’. The budding superstar found a great writing partnership with T. Coles (Chris Brown), JHart (Jason Derulo), and August Rigo (Justin Bieber), who collectively put Justin’s vision into motion. Nothing was stopping him from achieving his dream.

The culmination of his hard work arrives in Justin Morelli’s debut single “Nobody Like Me,” a luscious elixir, candy-coated and set on fire. On the contagious track, Justin aims to woo the object of his affection, flirtatiously expressing that he has what she needs. The soulfully Pop friendly lyrics are set in motion by a club-ready beat that could live in a car, headphones, or on a dance floor. “I’m proud of this single,” he says.

Every star has their moment, and now it’s Justin Morelli’s turn. His passion, his sound, and his devilishly good looks are the perfect combination for the planet’s next Pop star. “I’ve made it my goal to be one of the best that ever did this, and I won’t stop until I get there,” he says with determination. “I’ve dreamt about this forever.”

Today, he puts his own spin on DJ Khaled’s hit single “Wild Thoughts” which you can give a listen below…


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