Colleen Le Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Donating Kidney To Dying Boyfriend Only To Get Cheated On

Colleen Le Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Donating Kidney To Dying Boyfriend Only To Get Cheated On

A woman who donated a kidney to her boyfriend claims he cheated and dumped her just months after the operation.

Colleen Le, 30, said she offered to give her then boyfriend one of her kidneys because he was struggling to live with chronic kidney disease as a teenager.

At just 17 years old, the unnamed man had to have dialysis treatment and told her his kidney was functioning at less than five per cent.

Colleen, from the US, says she made the decision to donate after a test showed the young couple were a match and they both made a full recovery following the successful procedure.

But just ten months later, she claims he called things off after being unfaithful to her and accused her of going ahead with the transplant “to look good.”

Colleen has gone viral on TikTok where she talks about her brutal allegations under the name @colleeeniie and has gained more than two million likes.

In one video, she said: “I decided to get tested to see if we were a match because I didn’t want to watch him die. I was so nervous.”

In a later clip, Colleen explained that the couple’s relationship changed with her boyfriend claiming he was going to a bachelor party in Vegas with his church group seven months after the operation.

The student said she was not concerned about the weekend getaway because he was a devoted Christian and that she decided to focus on studying for her exams.

But she says she was shocked when he arrived home and admitted to cheating on her during the trip.

“A lot of arguments later, I eventually forgave him and gave him a second chance,” Colleen said.

But another three months later, he ended the relationship and said “if we are meant for each other, God will bring us back together in the end.”

In a further blow, Colleen claims he blocked her on all social media platforms and she now shares her heartbreak on TikTok.

Many of her followers commended the student for saving her ex boyfriend’s life and said he did not deserve her.

Others criticized her for still telling her story years after the devastating events unraveled.

One person commented: “You have the biggest heart and he didn’t see it. His loss.

Another person said: “You deserve so much better, I’m so sorry this happened.”

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