Cobb County (Georgia) Jail Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Cobb County (Georgia) Jail Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Cobb County Jail in the state of Georgia has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

By now, it’s no secret that Atlanta native Jeffery Lamar Williams–known to the public as Young Thug–is currently on trial for violating the Georgia RICO Act along with 56 counts of illegal substance trafficking and/or firearm possession charges.

Not too long ago (assuming around the holidays), Thug’s current girlfriend–singer Mariah Amani Buckles, known to the public as Mariah the Scientist–was on a phone call with him.

A jail phone call between boyfriend and girlfriend, big deal, right???

But unfortunately, officials of the Cobb County Jail somehow let video footage of said phone call leak online on Wednesday (1.24.2024) afternoon and it has since went viral.

If interested, you can give said footage a watch below…

Since then, Thug’s contemporaries such as Drake and Meek Mill have offered their say on the misstep…

Charlamagne Tha God, who has awarded the Cobb County Jail officials a well-deserved Donkey Of The Day for their stupidity, has also offered his say on the matter and you can give what that is a watch plus drop feedback in the comment box below…

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