City Girls Speak On New Album, Broke Dudes, Industry Grind + More w/The Breakfast Club

City Girls Speak On New Album, Broke Dudes, Industry Grind + More w/The Breakfast Club

It’s a City Girl summer whether Corona is running around or not!

JT and Yung Miami hopped on the line to chat about disappointments they faced with debuting their album, ‘City On Lock’. Not only did the lockdown delay figuring out an effective release date, but the importance behind the Black Lives Matters was too prominent to the culture to release it during the movement. Putting it off eventually opened an opportunity for their worst nightmare: Dealing with the leak of the project by hearing “Pussy Talk” on the internet.

Now, we all know the City Girls don’t play around when it comes to chasing a bag and they’re sure to keep that same energy with the men they date. No matter how clear they’ve made it as to why broke guys just aren’t it, there are still others who don’t understand the “shallow” preference. For them, JT spelled it out.

“The problem with broke niggas is- I done dealt with the some broke niggas and them niggas act rich. So it just be like, ‘Since you wanna act so rich, you can stay your broke ass over there.’ Cause them the ones with the worse attitude.

She also spoke on their lack of concern for all the men who have a problem with their empowerment-themed message.

“Niggas just got problems period. If they broke, they rich. It’s just a era where niggas just got problems. They need to dig deep in themselves and figure out the problem with them. Cause it ain’t us. They just all got problems.”

The City Girls are no strangers to the biases that come with being in the music industry. In recent news, CeeLo Green downed female rappers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion for making “desperately” sexualized music. Meanwhile, male rappers have been spitting about “flipping bricks” and running trap houses for decades. Fortunately, it’s not an issue they take personal.

“I feel like men is just threatened bout the women kind of dominating right now cause they so used to being in control of putting the women on records. Now, when women are starting the team up and doing it without them, so it’s like now, they got so much to say. Because, back then, you gotta get on a hot song with men to go number one or to even chart. But, now, women just doing it themself. You know? They’re always gonna have something to say…I think it’s just like a threat.”

The only people weighing heavy on their minds is family. For Yung Miami, being a mother of two while pursuing her rap career brought many trials, but great rewards.

“It [motherhood] made me strong. It built me up for everything that I’m going through now. I feel like it make you a strong individual. Mothers is so strong. They have to go through a lot. So it just made me a woman. Nothing can really get to me. I let nothing get to me…I see my mama and them and people go through stuff and get over it cause you got kids. You got something to live for…I ain’t got time for that bitch shit…I’m trying to feed my kids.”

Learn how Yung Miami maintains her relationship with Southside, if JT sees herself joining Mommy Gang, and what her ideal guy is below!

[via The Breakfast Club]

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