The City Of Ferguson Going Broke As Result Of Changes Made By DOJ

Seal Of The United States Department Of Justice

However, what happens if the police don’t start extracting revenue from the poor again and they’re disbanded?

Well, we’ve already seen what can happen. In Ferguson, during the unrest, while the police and National Guard seemed powerless to protect peaceful citizens from rioters, private organizations stepped in to fill the gap.

Oath Keepers, an organization of former and current military and police agents, spent several nights standing guard over businesses to deter looters. Many of the people they protected seemed grateful. Davis Vo, a restaurant owner, noted, “When they’re here, there’s definitely a weight lifted off of our shoulders.” With the looting that was ongoing, and the National Guard focused on protecting the police command post rather than major commercial areas, many business owners were thankful for extra protection — wherever it came from.