Cincinnati Rap Band, Patterns Of Chaos, To Release ‘CHAOTIC GOOD’ Album On Streaming Services

Cincinnati Rap Band, Patterns Of Chaos, To Release 'CHAOTIC GOOD' Album On Streaming Services

Cincinnati Rap band, Patterns of Chaos, to release ‘CHAOTIC GOOD’ album on all major digital streaming services.

As the world enters with uncertainty into the 2020s, one thing has become abundantly clear–people everywhere are hungry for connection. And as any music fan knows, a genuine, heartfelt community built between an artist and their audience is something rare.

It requires a special spark; the just-right combination of familiar and alien that is at once both fascinating and inviting. PoC (short for Patterns of Chaos) is one of those valuable acts that places connection at the immediate forefront of their artistry: a unique blend of avant-garde and classic hip-hop music that is equal parts raw fun and socially conscious.

Consisting of rapper-producer duo ¡Jay Hill! and Stallitix, PoC have built a consistent live following in their home city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Boasting one of the fastest growing economies and art scenes in the U.S., Cincinnati has become a proving ground for many acts of all genres.

From monthly venue residencies, to weekly open mics, to opening slots for underground heroes, PoC has seized the chance to shine among their peers. And even further, they have provided other artists with chances to take the stage and express themselves.

Residencies like Vinyl Fridays with DJ Rare Groove at Revel Wine Bar, along with community-focused open mics like Lotus Room at Kaze (RIP) have allowed PoC to create wildly fun, approachable spaces for audience members and artists alike. In terms of their own sonic approach, powerhouse groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Rage Against The Machine are prevailing influences in PoC’s studio catalogue.

Stallitix’s hard-hitting drum patterns mesh with soulful sample manipulation, providing a boom-bap diving board for ¡Jay Hill!’s beautifully unhinged delivery. The resulting vibe is something unabashedly nerdy, relentlessly powerful and absolutely fun.

Think the classic sounds of De La Soul meshed with the punchline wordplay and humor of Das Racist. With their new album ‘CHAOTIC GOOD‘, they’ve found a way to capture all these different flavors of lightning in one bottle.

The 90’s bop of “Freunlaven” sits within minutes of the blown-out and fiery “Spazzin”, and both lead toward the technical and existential “Carpe Diem”. The songs are engaging alone, but the true excitement lies in the combination of these elements into an album that’s pensive at times and explosive at others, but danceable the whole way through.

The only way to really understand is to hear for yourself.

Patterns of Chaos’ ‘CHAOTIC GOOD’ album  will be available to stream and cop on all major digital streaming services on 12.28.2021!!!

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