Chris Bosh Gets Robbed Of Nearly $500K Worth Of Property

Chris Bosh Gets Robbed Of Nearly $500K Worth Of Property

TMZ | The person who burglarized Chris Bosh’s Miami house has a HUUUUGE set of cojones on ’em … ’cause they ransacked the place WHILE SEVERAL PEOPLE WERE INSIDE THE HOME.

TMZ has obtained the police report filed after the Miami Heat star noticed he’d been jacked late Wednesday night — and according to the docs, Bosh told cops the perp took a bunch of expensive stuff including:

— 12 watches (worth $300k)
— 2 rings ($4,000)
— several purses ($155,000)
— $20,000 in cash

Bosh told police he noticed his 2012 NBA championship ring on the floor in his closet — almost as if the crook KNEW not to take it.

According to the report, several people were inside the house during the time of the burglary — including two babysitters, the couple’s children, and another teenager. Bosh and his wife had been at a birthday party for the NBA star at a Miami nightclub during the time of the incident.

Cops say there was no sign of forced entry … but it does appear that two doors in the home were unlocked.

Cops say they are already looking into the video surveillance system at the home — and video cameras around the neighborhood.