Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Claims The City Will Support Release Of Ronald Johnson Video

The Chicago PD Covered Up Police Murder Of Ronald Johnson 2

On the night he was killed in October 2014, Johnson, 25, was riding in a car with friends when police pulled it over at 53rd Street and King Drive. Johnson tried to run and was chased by officers on foot, none of whom opened fire, Oppenheimer said.

During the chase, Officer George Hernandez, at the time a tactical officer in the Wentworth Police District, pulled up in an unmarked squad car and jumped out with his gun drawn. Within two seconds, he fired five times at Johnson as he was still running away, striking him in the back of the knee and again in the back shoulder, Oppenheimer said.

Autopsy results obtained by the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday show the fatal shot traveled through Johnson’s shoulder, severed his jugular vein and exited his eye socket.

Oppenheimer said the squad car that recorded the video began to move shortly after Johnson collapsed in the parkway, so the officers’ actions in the immediate aftermath were not recorded. He said evidence he has uncovered through the suit shows that soon after the shooting, detectives investigating at the scene began communicating with dispatchers on their private cellphones in violation of department protocol.

Chicago police have said that Johnson, a known gang member, fit the description of an offender from an earlier call of shots fired and resisted arrest when police tried to detain him. After pulling away from one officer, Johnson pointed a gun at police who were in pursuit, leading Hernandez to open fire, police said.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez revealed for the first time that the office is investigating possible criminal charges in Johnson’s case.

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