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The Empty Theater album by Chedda Chapp

North Carolina’s rising music artist, Chedda Chapp, returns with a distinguished southern, lyrical sound and unique concept for his album, The Empty Theater. Chapp’s highly anticipated album was released on October 16th, 2012. With hard-hitting, alternative southern rap tunes, Chedda Chapp is sure to capture the masses as his official debut album is supported by the newly formed music group, Life’s Grand 24/7. His lead single, I Don’t Know Ya, was released on September 25, 2012. This uptempo single from Chedda Chapp introduced listeners to the album’s noteworthy theme.

With conceptually connected and evolving projects to follow, The Empty Theater represents the beginning stages of Chedda Chapp’s music career. A similar struggle that other artists can identify with. Both “I Don’t Know Ya” and the album visit topics such as the pitfalls of making a name for oneself in the music industry and dealing with accompanying obstacles.
“Nobody was there you know…that’s just how I felt while creating this album. The album is called The Empty Theater, because right now I’m building a true following and working towards getting fans to understand my music, current life and story,” Chedda Chapp revealed.

“In following projects, people will eventually come around and really appreciate the music and what Life’s Grand 24/7 has to offer. I look at The Empty Theater as a warm welcome to the masses, a proper introduction.”

The Empty Theater was largely produced by Nervous Reck (Nerv), also known as J. Cole’s mentor. StreetzMentor also led the way in his extraordinary executive producer efforts. With features from Ariele Elani, Free Agent Jasun, Korey Heyer and Buddy Klein, Chapp is sure to take the listener through an adventure well worth the download. Prepare for the show that is Chedda Chapp’s unique perspective on everyday life and the road to claiming a solidified spot in hip-hop.

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