Chappelle’s Show: The Mad Real World [Throwback Skit]

Chappelle's Show: The Mad Real World [Throwback Skit]

Seeing that most of everybody is covering the Rick James skit to honor Charlie Murphy, who recently passed away after losing his battle with leukemia, I thought I’d cover one of my favorite “Chappelle’s Show” skits of all time.

The skit in question, “The Mad Real World“, was the first time I had seen Murphy on “Chappelle’s Show” before he become a recurring face on said show.

The Mad Real World” was an interesting skit within itself as it focused on Dave Chappelle putting his own spin on MTV’s long-running reality show, “The Real World“, which continues to run as of 2017.

Mentioning that this was the first time I’d seen Murphy on this show, this skit had shown the world just how he was his own brand of funny.

You can give said skit a watch below to get a good idea where Charlie Murphy’s career would go from that point…