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Stream HUBBS & Nysceworkk's Collabo EP 'The Big Hurt'

HUBBS & Nysceworkk - The Big Hurt [EP Artwork]

Fresh off his collaborative January LP release 'Black Privilege' with Grammy nominated producer M16, Pittsburgh artist Hubbs releases a 9-track EP with longtime affiliate & Pittsburgh producer, Nysceworkk. Metaphorically themed on baseball & MLB Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, Hubbs delivers of short collection of intricate lyricism over soulful, exclusive production from Nysceworkk. The project features […]

Stream Deep Breez' (Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. & Breez Evahflowin) Collabo EP 'Bring Out Your Dead'

Deep Breez (Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. & Breez Evahflowin) - Bring Out Your Dead [EP Artwork]

In January 2016, Deep and producer Dirt E Dutch began a conversation around- ‘what if Breez?’ Dutch discussed Breez Evahflowin’s recent return to making music after an extended hiatus. Through Dutch, Deep’s distinct rhythms became re-acquainted with Breez’s ubiquitous lyricism. The result- Deep Breez - 'Bring Out Your Dead' a collaboration between producer Big Deep […]

Stream Al-One's 'Sharptongue' EP

Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue [EP Artwork]

Portland, Or has been a hotbed for Hip Hop the last few years, slowly but surely leaking artists into the mainstream one by one. For those that have been following the scene for awhile, you know that groups--including Lifesavas, Oldominion, & Sandpeople--have helped pave the way for the new Portland Rap Renaissance currently taking place. […]