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Stream @SKTheNovelist's 'House Demos' Album

Sk, the Novelist - House Demos [Album Artwork]

Sk, the Novelist has released a new 8-track tape, which is exclusively produced by Spaceman Jones, a rising producer from Asheville, NC. The tape is titled 'House Demos', and features the jazzy experimentation-sound from artists such as Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock, while the lyrical inspiration comes from artists ranging from Nas to J.Cole, and even non-rap […]

Stream T.Wong's (@TWongCreates) 'The Upside Down' Album

T.Wong - The Upside Down [Album Artwork]

Ohio singer/songwriter T.Wong premieres his new, sophomore album, 'The Upside Down'. The 14-track album is written entirely by T.Wong and co-produced alongside Ohio producer/writer Parker Louis, lead vocalist for Forest & The Evergreens. "'The Upside Down' is a melodic realization of everything not being what it seems and living in that notion, moving passed conformities and […]

Stream F.Y.I. (@FYIpsalms) 'ameriBLACKKK' Album

F.Y.I. - ameriBLACKKK [Project Artwork]

Los Angeles-based emcee F.Y.I. presents his new album 'ameriBLACKKK'. F.Y.I. recently released the single "These The Times (Don't Judge)", featuring singer Kaye Fox, whose vocals appear on J.Cole's 'For Your Eyez Only'. F.Y.I. retrofits the steady timing and LA drawl of fellow Mid-City rapper Murs with sudden twists of cadence & emotion, almost morphing into a different […]