Chalynn “What You Do” (Video)

Chalynn "What You Do" (Video)

4PF’s Chalynn surrenders to the feeling in sensuous “What You Do” video single

The first woman and R&B singer signed to Lil Baby’s Four Pockets Full Label, Chalynn demonstrates her vocal control and seductive charisma in her first video of the year

Propelled by her silky smooth vocals and radiant personality, Chalynn was handpicked by Lil Baby to be the first woman and R&B singer to join his Four Pockets Full label.

Showing off the skill and seduction that endeared her to the industry conquering superstar, Chalynn shares “What You Do”, her sensuous new slow jam.

Delivering an understated, but technically impressive performance, the First Lady of 4PF describes the intoxicating feeling of a new relationship, where the chemistry is perfect and thrilling new experiences feel as familiar as breathing.

Adorned with flecks of acoustic guitar and blasts of room-enveloping bass, “What You Do” creates a hypnotic soundscape that mimics the dream-like state Chalynn enters when in the company of her new bae.

Chalynn "What You Do" (Video)

“What You Do” arrives with a sultry new music video that establishes Chalynn as one of the baddest in the South.

Filmed in crisp black and white, the new video evokes the classic glamor of a silent film, or a glossy spread in a fashion magazine.

Her first ever music video as a lead artist, “What You Do” is certain to make an impression on R&B lovers of all stripes.

First showing off her pipes in “Summertime“, a 2021 collaboration with Dess Dior, Chalynn is determined to step into the spotlight and help add a fresh new element to 4PF and the genre at large.

The vibe I’m going for is sassy, and a mid-tempo vibe for the girls,” says Chalynn. “I wish to bring the 2000s-era R&B. It’s gonna fit the modern day. It was so pure back then and slick. Nowadays, it’s so blunt.”

Stay tuned for much more from the First Lady of 4PF, including an EP to come later this year.

Chalynn’s “What You Do” track is also available now to stream and cop via all major digital service providers