Chaka Khan feat. B. Slade - I Love Myself [Video]

Chaka Khan feat. B. Slade - I Love Myself [Video]

As I take a walk down memory lane, I'm coming back with the quickness post this (not-so) new jawn from legendary R&B/Soul singer Chaka Khan titled "I Love Myself" which she recently re-released as the first single via her own independent record label, iKhan Sounds. “I Love Myself”--which is co-written & produced by B. Slade, Eve Nelson, & Khan herself--promotes self-esteem and putting one’s life in order.

Notable Spits:

“I love me / I know who I am / I love me / I’m in love with myself / Here I stand, as a grown woman / Trying to get my mind right / Get my money right / If I don’t love myself than nobody else can.”

You can give the music video for “I Love Myself” a watch below...