Casual & DEAD PERRY feat. DJ Eclipse “White Crown” (Video)

Casual & DEAD PERRY feat. DJ Eclipse "White Crown" (Video)

Rapper Casual and producer DEAD PERRY share the official music video for their new single, “White Crown”, featuring DJ Eclipse.

Rap God Casual of the mighty Hieroglyphics Crew and production phenom DEAD PERRY are back with the stand out single, “White Crown”, featuring the legendary DJ Eclipse.

On this Friday The 13th release, DEAD PERRY sets a dark and ominous soundscape that plays background to the top tier scratching of DJ Eclipse, accompanied by Casual educating you on the crowns of ancient Egypt.

Casual & DEAD PERRY feat. DJ Eclipse "White Crown" (Video)

The Ancient Egyptian imagery by TME Visionz is the perfect companion to Casual’s gritty lyricism.

This is hip-hop at its truest form and sets the bar high right from the onset of 2023.

Casual and DEAD PERRY’s “White Crown” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs