@CarlonSyl - Nights Like This [MP3]

Carlon Syl - Nights Like This [Track Artwork]

Possessing a unique sound and wide range of versatility, singer, songwriter, & producer Carlon Syl is an artist who simply cannot be placed into a particular category of music. The Toledo, Ohio native is an ambassador of a new wave of music that attracts the ears of individuals from all walks of life.

Carlon Syl on February 27, 2017 [Press Photo]

His melodies are catchy and organic, keeping his listeners on their toes every note of the way. From the exciting, party vibes of “Nights Like This”, to the emotional, melodic feel of “Silence”, Carlon Syl is interestingly unpredictable with what sort of product he will deliver next.

He is a true artist who always strives to be different and to create his own lane in the music universe.