Cardi B Speaks On Collaborating With Offset + More On SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation

Cardi B Speaks On Collaborating With Offset + More On SiriusXM's Hip Hop Nation

Cardi B talks shopping at Target, collaborating with Offset, and much more on SiriusXM’s “Hip Hop Nation”.

Cardi B stopped by the SiriusXM studios to promote her new song, “Bongos”, with Megan Thee Stallion.

Cardi B sitting down to talk to SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie on Hip Hop Nation.

During the interview Cardi B spoke about how she goes shopping at Target.

Cardi B also talking about collaborating with husband Offset and wanting to do more songs with him.

Cardi B Wants to Rap About “Fucking” with Offset:

Swaggy Sie: So, how many songs does Cardi and Offset really have recorded?

Cardi B: Like five.

Swaggy Sie: Five. That’s a good number. That’s enough for like a project.

Cardi B: Yeah. Eh.

Swaggy Sie: It’s enough for a project.

Cardi B: I do wanna do like more songs with him. I do wanna explore. I feel like we do so much rough songs and it’s like, let’s talk about fucking. Like, it’s like we always talk about the music. Let’s talk about fucking because I feel like we always like on attack mode when we do songs together.

Swaggy Sie: So, a love song.

Cardi B: Yeah. Let’s do a little something, something. Freaky freaky freaky freaky.

Swaggy Sie: A freaky love song.

Cardi B: Yeah.

Cardi B Explains How She Goes Shopping at Target:

Swaggy Sie: We’re celebrating, you know, you just being you, living in your truth, hanging out in Target and shit. How does Cardi B just go to Target?

Cardi B: Listen, I’m very spontaneous. I cannot be in the house trapped for nothing, like I have to go outside. I have to look at things. I have to look at soaps. I have to look at soaps and smell candles or some shit because it’s like, I cannot just be at home, so it’s like, I just put a sweater on and it’s like, “Ooooo, COVID is bad,” but like I be putting, I don’t care if nobody’s wearing a mask. Imma put a mask on and I’m gonna go in that Target. I’m gonna go to the supermarket. Sometimes I go to the Bronx. I will literally walk up and down, up and down, and people wouldn’t even know it was me.

Swaggy Sie: In the Bronx?

Cardi B: Yeah.

Swaggy Sie: So, with a hoodie on and a mask on?

Cardi B: Yep. In the summertime, it could get a little tricky.

Swaggy Sie: I mean, you just look like one of the kids because, you know, they wear hoodies and shit now. It’s weird.

Cardi B: Yes, so it’s like, I just be walking up and down and nobody would know that it’s me.

Swaggy Sie: So, what are you doing walking up and down, like you in the bodega?

Cardi B: I mostly likely go to the beauty supplies, get my hair treatments, get my soap treatments. I’ll go get my nails done. I’ll go get my laser done. I’ll go get my mustache waxed and like sometimes I could get my people, like I could get like my nail techs and everything to come like to my house, but it’s like I just gotta get the fuck out the house.

Cardi B Talks Her New Song “Bongos” with Megan Thee Stallion:

Swaggy Sie: You got this joint with Megan. Shout out to the sis. Obviously, you guys linked up in 2020 for “WAP,” but “Bongos” is going crazy, like “Bongos” is a banger. It goes hand-in-hand. “Bongos” and bangers. What was the inspiration behind this?

Cardi B: I had the beat for a minute and then I had the record for a minute, like the beat was just so undeniable and the feel is so undeniable, and I had the “Eat this ass like a plum. This pussy tight like a nun.” I had that for a minute, and I had-

Swaggy Sie: “Like a nun” is crazy.

Cardi B: Yes and I had, for a minute, in the middle of the song, like [sings song] but it always sounded incomplete because the hook, like “Bong, bong, bong,” I was like, “I just wanna let this ride out because this is so addicting,” but it still sounded incomplete, so then I started putting my verses on it, like where like the parts where Megan is at, like when you hear it, think, but it just sounded to me like a long ass song. Like a long ass song and I’m like, “This song needs dynamic, so it needs a feature.” Like, it just cannot sound like me, me, me, me, me, me, me because it just feels like a long, long sentence.

Cardi B Reveals Music-Making Process with Offset:

Swaggy Sie: What is it like when you guys get together creatively to create records?

Cardi B: I usually just, like, he usually just have a song and I be like, “I like this song. I want to get on this song because I like this song,” but like, even with like “Jealousy” and everything, when I first did it, I was like, “I feel like I don’t sound too strong.” He’s like, “Yeah, your voice is a little bit like, why you putting that girly sound on it?” because I change my voice when I rap.

Swaggy Sie: Really?

Cardi B: Like this, my tone-

Swaggy Sie: I mean, you could rap tough, but then sometimes you have that soft side.

Cardi B: Yeah. He was like, “You need to go like more tough,” and it’s like, “What you said right there?” I said this. I was like, “You gotta pronounce it better,” like we critique each other a lot, a lot, a lot.

Cardi B Reacts to Being a Platinum Record Artist:

Swaggy Sie: Every joint off of that project is platinum or higher. How does that feel knowing that you did that? I know that you’re not gonna Lauryn Hill us because you told us new music is on the way so I’m glad about that, but how does it feel having a project so big?

Cardi B: It just, it just feels good and it’s just like, sometimes people will make you feel like, “Well that doesn’t matter. Well, it doesn’t matter,” but it’s like, to me, numbers matter and let me tell you something. If it was that easy to do, everybody would have it and not everybody would have it, and then it’s like, people will always look for an excuse, like, “Oh, your label does that.” Everybody’s signed to a fucking label. All you bitches is signed to a label. We all get the same treatment, bitch.

Swaggy Sie: It ain’t that easy.

Cardi B: So, it ain’t that easy.

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