Cappadonna On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

Cappadonna On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

In this episode of "People's Party With Talib Kweli", Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper, writer, actor, and member of the Wu-Tang Clan:


Here's what they discussed with one of Staten Island's finest:

  • Being born and raised in Brooklyn until the age of 7 and moving to Staten Island
  • The early days of Park Hill hip hop and Cap's love of graffiti and street fashion
  • Method Man crediting Cap for his induction into the Wu-Tang Clan
  • Catching the notice of RZA when Cap would take victories at local freestyle battles
  • Cap's character appearing in "Wu-Tang: An American Saga"
  • Breaking down lyrics on "Savage Life" about missing the holidays
  • Cap's favorite food while he was locked up
  • His appearance on Raekwon's "Ice Cream" being his introduction to the game
  • The days of hustling designer belts with True Master being his supplier
  • He recites bars from "Winter Warz" and shares his mindset when he wrote that iconic verse
  • The origin of the pro-Black, spiritual, and educational aspects of his music
  • How Cap felt when Ghostface revisited the title and concept of his song "Run"
  • Where his affinity for classic R&B that's so apparent in his music comes from
  • Moving to Baltimore in 2003 and living out of his car while he worked as a cab driver
  • The history of his longtime kinship with fellow Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck
  • Cap's take on how "The Wizard Of Oz" links up with Five Percenter philosophy
  • Why he feels it's so important to be open in his songs about life's hardships
  • "Baby Mommas" outlining the responsibilities of a man and woman raising a child
  • Why Cap feels it's his duty to showcase female emcees as much as possible
  • The early inspirations that contributed to Cap's impeccable fashion sense
  • Where his strong Reggae influence originates from
  • Cap's infatuation with how around the way girls would chew their bubble gum
  • Feeling honored to be close to his mother before her passing
  • The controversy surrounding the album cover art for 'Black Tarrzann'
  • Cap's name standing for "Consider All Poor People Acceptable Don't Oppress Nor Neglect Anyone"
  • What Cap has coming down the line for his fans

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