C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) Mentions ‘No Names’ On New Track

C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) Mentions 'No Names' On New Track

Free The Optimus founder C.Shreve The Professor drops a vicious 4-minute assault on wax that he describes as “a response to the treachery and trash talk”. The North Carolina rhymer says the song is aimed at numerous individuals and really more a rejection of their behavior than anything else.

“People love to pop off and name drop all over the place. We worked hard to develop our names and earn our spot. That sucka shit doesn’t fly. Folks need to find their own way to make it out here and quit pretending they invented the platform they’re standing on.”

C.Shreve The Professor @ Carretto Studios on 10.16.2016 [Press Photo]

This track is the first taste of a collaborative album from Shreve and UK producer ILe Flottante titled ‘ILePRO‘ that will release in 2017.

“Harbor me anything but that respect? / And you askin for the axe and then it’s off with your neck / And half of y’all are dead to me, dog no need for the weaponry / I’m Able to bring it to Cain with no half steppin frees / meant to breathe in atonement, I told an opponent / they don’t see what the Dark Matter is now that’s what I been holdin”

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