C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) Continues To Prove Why He Won’t ‘Fade Away’

MP3: C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) Doesn't Want To 'Fade Away' 1

A collaboration with Andrew Anderson Films & UK producer Handbook, “Fade Away” finds C.Shreve at home in the mountains of North Carolina pondering what it takes for a message to stick with a listener past when the lights turn on. Filmed on top of Beech Mountain, on Appalachian State’s campus, & at an FTO show in Asheville, Shreve seems a bit unsure of how this new material will be received.

C.Shreve The Professor On 3.1.2016 [Press Photo]

Notable Spits:

“When they turn the lights on, I don’t know, aye

How many y’all gon know the fight song, I don’t know

And when we write strong, I don’t know what to say

All I know to day is I ain’t tryna fade away”

Fade Away” will be included in Shreve’s project, ‘Twenty Sixteens‘, which will release on 4.20.2016!!!