Byron Messia On SiriusXM’s Tuff Gong Radio

Byron Messia On SiriusXM's Tuff Gong Radio

Byron Messia recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Tuff Beats Takeover.

During the interview, he clarified previous statements regarding whether he thinks he is the most popular dancehall artist in nearly 20 years.

Tuff Beats Takeover airs on SiriusXM’s Tuff Gong Radio.

Does Byron Messia Think He’s The Most Popular Dancehall Artist In Almost 20 Years?

Brooke Bailey: Okay, so you recently said that you had the biggest dance hall song since 2005. Did you or did you not say that?

Byron Messia: Nah, I’m gonna be real with you. That was, you have to understand like from the first post that I made why I said that. I posted something of the UK with one of the, like if “Talibans” is at number 12 right now, “Talibans” hit number 10. The article said that it can be one of the biggest songs since 2005.

Brooke Bailey: Since “We Be Burning” it will be the first one to enter the top 10.

Byron Messia: Right. Right. That was the conversation about that, but you know how it is with me.

Brooke Bailey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay, so in that context, I understand. So, you basically said it could be the biggest song in the UK, biggest dance hall song in the UK since 2005 if I’m understanding correctly.

Byron Messia: Yeah, and it’s currently one of the biggest dance hall songs in the world today, right?

Brooke Bailey: It is. That’s a hundred percent.

Byron Messia: Yeah. That was my statements.

Brooke Bailey: Okay, so see?

Byron Messia: I’m not trying to take away from every other artist that has been doing dance hall. That’s not, you know? Come on. Let’s be real.

Brooke Bailey: You’re trying to add to it. You’re just trying to bring your own, like do your own part.

Byron Messia: Yeah, I mean, self-praise is no praise, right? But I mean, an artist can’t congratulate himself for so much that he has done? When I started off with the post, I said, “Thank God for everything, I did so much in the space of six months.” That was the first slide. They ain’t use that slide with the rest. You catch what I’m coming from?

Brooke Bailey: They cut the slide.

Byron Messia: Right, right. That’s crazy and then I moved on to saying, “I met so much producers, Billboard producers,” if we’re being real and then I continued with the “Talibans” rampage and then they just took what they wanted and run with it.

Brooke Bailey: So, next time just put everything in one slide.

Byron Messia: Man, they’re gonna find a way to cut it out. Next time, just don’t say nothing. Just keep working. That’s what I learned. I’m learning. I’m growing. I’m human.