Bun B (of UGK) Makes 2nd Appearance On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

Bun B (of UGK) Makes 2nd Appearance On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

In this episode of "People's Party With Talib Kweli", Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down for the second time with rapper, writer, entrepreneur, and one half of the duo UGK:


Here's what they got into:

  • Jasmin pays tribute to her dear friend, Ellen James Robinson
  • Being set of "SNL" with Black Star and Dave Chappelle
  • Favorite comfort shows to put on while falling asleep
  • The annual Gumball 3000 rally that Bun has participated in 9
  • Why Talib has never owned a driver's license
  • Calling into the radio station to mourn Pimp C's passing
  • The history of UGK and two groups coming together
  • The genius of Pimp C and his having the best ear in hip hop
  • Bun and Pimp's dynamic similar to that of the yin and the yang
  • Showing love for Ronald Isley and paying him to collab
  • Rita Marley not clearing the sample of "Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride"
  • The rise of chopped and screwed, pioneered by DJ Screw
  • The album 'Ridin Dirty' portraying a day in the life of H-Town
  • The history of lean and how it became so popular in Houston
  • The first four bars of "99 Problems" being borrowed from Bun
  • 'Big Pimpin'' being Bun's international calling card
  • Bun being asked to perform "International Players Anthem" at weddings
  • A shout-out to one of Jas' college friends for being such a loyal fan of Bun
  • Slim Thug's "3 Kings" music video shoot and why it wasn't a good time
  • The special time of the early-2000's for Houston artists and fans
  • One of Talib's proudest moments, joining UGK on "Real Women"
  • Pimp C's singing ability and being a genius who could see the future
  • Staying freshly geared up with the latest and greatest clothes for free
  • The history as well as the bright future of Bun's Trill Burger
  • The powerful concept of Bun's record "Blood On The Dash"
  • Gary Clark Jr.'s ability to convey emotion through his guitar playing
  • The home invasion that Bun successfully fended off
  • Bun's take on gun control and how it is injected into politics
  • How sports keeps Texas calm and everyone loves Pitbull
  • Bun's wife Queenie urging him to lean into his conscious side
  • How much spirituality has been a central part of Bun's life
  • A special announcement of a Bun B/Kweli project in the works

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