Bully: ‘The LOX Owe Me Money, They’re Blackballing Me, & They Hang w/Rats’

Bully: 'The LOX Owe Me Money, They're Blackballing Me, & They Hang w/Rats'

Say it ain’t so!!! Former (correct me if I’m wrong) D-Block Records artist Bully, who The DigiSpot has worked with quite a bit, has become the next artist (you can always refer back to J-Hood’s controversy concerning The LOX/D-Block) on the label to speak out against The LOX.

According to Bully:

“The LOX owe me money, they’re blackballing me, & they hang with rats.”

Only time will tell how this will play out. You can watch what else Bully had to say on this situation below…

Full audio to this interview dropping this Wednesday (3.6.2019) on iTunes | Radio.com

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