Bullet Brak “i Getz Busy” (Video)

Bullet Brak "i Getz Busy" (Video)

Bullet Brak shares the official music video for his “i Getz Busy” single.

Bullet Brak stars in his newest action-packed thriller, “i Getz Busy“.

This is a who-done-it from the start, with Bullet playing four of the six roles in this ground breaking picture, only time will tell when and if, everything catches up with Bullet.

This hip hop-influenced music soundtrack is scored by the world renowned Mr. Brak and what a wonderful job he did!

‘i Getz Busy’ is the movie of the year,” said the neighborhood stoner.

When asked his favorite takeaway was, he completely forget what he was talking about.

We definitely recommended this film, plus waiting on the sequel.