Bronx Drug Ring Connected To 9 Suspected OD Deaths

Bronx Drug Ring Connected To 9 Suspected OD Deaths

A ring of drug dealers turned a block in the Bronx into a bulk fentanyl-dealing marketplace, selling the potentially deadly narcotic to other dealers in an operation linked to nine suspected overdose deaths.

Eight suspects, all named in a federal indictment Wednesday, pumped out 5 to 6 kilos of fentanyl a month that were sold across the borough in envelopes labeled “Supreme”, “Off-White”, and “Thriller”.

Alleged ring leader Jesus (Gee) Cabrera, 42, knew they were peddling a killer product, and had even shared an online news article from 2019 describing a “deadly cut of heroin” that used fentanyl with his chief lieutenant, Michael (Miz) Amaya, 40.

One of the alleged dealers in the crew, Alberto (Chino) Concepcion 50, sold “Supreme”-stamped fentanyl to another dealer, and the drug got into the hands of Malik Rahman, 25, who died of an overdose in August.

Six confirmed fatal OD victims, including Rahman, and two suspected fatal OD victims, all had “Supreme” fentanyl near their bodies, while a ninth OD victim was found near a glassine envelope stamped “Thriller”.

As part of their investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration agents and police seized about 1.5 kilograms of substances containing what’s believed to be fentanyl, several glassine envelopes stamped with the word “Thriller,” weekly drug ledgers, a gun and more than $120,000 in cash.

Cabrera, Amaya and Concepcion all face at least 20 years behind bars if they’re convicted of distributing the drug that killed Rahman.

The other five suspects — Humberto (Berto) Borges, 45, Frankie (Nitty) Capellan, 40, Willie (Light) Harris, 52, Luis (Flaco Construction) Ramirez, 36, and Jose (Chelo) Figueroa, 57 — face a minimum 10 years behind bars for their alleged role in the drug conspiracy.

Capellan and Harris are still at large; Amaya was busted in December. The remaining suspects were rounded up Wednesday.

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