British Rap Trio 3Smoke Announce Self-Titled Mixtape via Short Documentary

British Rap Trio 3Smoke Announce Self-Titled Mixtape via Short Documentary

"During the process of this tape, we nearly killed each other," British rap trio 3Smoke announce their self-titled debut mixtape with the release of their candid short documentary.

Following a run of raucous singles including "Side Of The Step", "Rap Ting", and "FUN", 3Smoke announce the release of their debut mixtape alongside an exclusive documentary that delves in to the group's DNA, disagreements, and ever-evolving sound.

With roots deeply embedded in British Black Music, Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie, and Milli Major first came together as part of Meridian Crew and Bloodline Family alongside comrades that include Skepta and JME. Shining a light on their rich heritage within the scene, the 3Smoke documentary, and the mixtape, unravel the tapestry of music, friendship, and self-belief that has come from the unity of three highly prized rappers.

Having navigated a boundary that sees the trio famed for classic grime drops on one side yet push into contemporary lo-fi drill beats on the other, 3Smoke have a fierce determination that has kept them central to the music scene. Within the opening credits of the documentary Paper Pabs explains, "our main assignment was to maintain our original sound without sounding outdated", and given the reaction so far, it seems their mission had been accomplished!

Maintaining the freedom and fluidity to constantly throw out unexpected content and creations has been one of the keys to the 3Smoke success story. Individually they bring a legendary status to the forefront and given that they are steeped in history, their awareness of one another allows them to bring the very best out of each other when they assemble. Opening the documentary, Pabs casually admits: "During the process of making this tape we almost killed each other", and as the story unfolds, you can't help but understand the bond between Pabs, Bossman and Major and how willing they are to push each other to do their best, even if it's at the cost of an argument.

Consisting of 10 tracks, the '3Smoke' mixtape features echoes of bouncy grime flows teamed with deep drill beats, charged and skippy tempos, and bold lyricism for a selection of candid street tales and hood anthems. Slices of wavy flows, lyrical sway, and edgy grit are seamlessly knitted together by the differing delivery styles and tones of the trio as they take listeners on a journey into some of their darkest realities.

Set for release on 3.18.2022, the '3Smoke' mixtape is a glorious celebration of unity from three of the UK rap scenes patriots and an unmissable debut!

"They say more than 1 cook spoils the broth, but when you got 3 Gordon Ramsey's in the kitchen your bound to create some magic" –3Smoke