Brandon Marshall On “RG3 & The Ones” Podcast

Brandon Marshall On “RG3 & The Ones” Podcast

Former WR Brandon Marshall shares his NFL Playoff predictions, talks “I Am Athlete” goals, and asks RG3 if he wants to coach in the future on the “RG3 & The Ones” podcast.

Today, we share this week’s all-new episode of “RG3 & The Ones”–presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment and hosted by Robert Griffin III–as he is joined by former NFL wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, who holds the record for most receptions in an NFL game.

RG3 and Brandon talk about conference championship predictions, what inspired him to start “I Am Athlete”, the possibility of the Lions making it to the Super Bowl, and why nobody is stopping Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

RG3 also reveals he is interested in coaching football in the future.


  • [9:30] Brandon shares his thoughts on the current Detroit Lions team and if he’s surprised they made it this far in the playoffs

BM:The Detroit Lions… that’s one of those teams, you gotta remember, finishing up last year, they were the second hottest or maybe the hottest team to end the year. There was the Jacksonville Jaguars and then there was them. Who would have thought that they would have continued this into this year? They hit a little moment this year where it was like — are they elite?… So am I surprised? I’m not surprised by Detroit at all. Baltimore — you know what surprised me about Baltimore? This is a team that we’ve known that has had a top tier defense…. over the last couple years, they haven’t been like that on the defensive side. Now all of a sudden you give Lamar Jackson a top 5 defense, that’s different.”

  • [28:55] Brandon shares his thoughts on who will come out on top during the Ravens vs Chiefs AFC championship game

BM:Lamar is unstoppable. It’s the Ravens game to lose, bro. You gotta think — this dude can throw for 170 yards, 200 yards, but then run.. rush for 125-150.. and have four total tubs, on the ground, in the air… I love that Patrick Mahomes answered the bell, like yeah I can go win on the road, but also, they were trash by the end of the year. The Chiefs were trash. And then all of sudden, he turns it on. We didn’t think that was gonna happen… but Lamar, bro, he’s doing it with such ease, so much humility. And he’s got a defense now — a top 5 defense!

  • [45:40] Brandon talks about his big goals for “I Am Athlete”

BM:When you ask me about ‘I Am Athlete,’ what I’m gonna say is… big and audacious. We’re gonna build out the next gen ESPN. I’m gonna be honest, bro, you do it right. That’s your employer and you’re doing a phenomenal job. ESPN is needed, was needed, and is still needed in a lot of ways but I never appreciated how we talk about each other… So I think there’s an opportunity for us, bro, to create safe places for us, and still hold each other accountable. It’s just like the locker room…. there’s an opportunity to partner with our athletes, not take from our athletes and tear down our athletes.”

  • [50:00] Brandon shares his feelings on other media programs copying what he’s doing with “I Am Athlete”

BM:It gives me more confidence, and it just gives me everything that I need to continue to push forward… Your gut is good. A lot of these things you’re just trying, you’re testing… I wanted us to be a premium space. Everything was intentional, and there was a lot of trial by error. And so when you see other people doing it and even linear networks and traditional outlets, it’s like ‘yo, you’re good, now bring it all together.’

  • [1:04:40] Brandon asks RG3 if he’d ever get into coaching

RG3:I appreciate the vote of confidence — yes. I want to get into coaching. I believe that it’s a passion and it’s one of those things of, where does it start? In yesterday’s league, you had to start at the bottom as an assistant — [BM: “What kind of offense are you gonna run?”] — I’m gonna run a combination of the Shanahan system with the spread RPOs that we see so prevalent in college today. Why would I take a college quarterback and put him in a system that doesn’t accentuate what he did in college?

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