BP Infinite feat. RJ Payne & Skyzoo “Kill Or Be Killed” (Audio)

BP Infinite feat. RJ Payne & Skyzoo “Kill Or Be Killed” (Audio)

RJ Payne and Skyzoo join producer BP Infinite on his new album-titled single, “Kill Or Be Killed”.

BP Infinite’s new producer compilation, ‘Kill Or Be Killed’, is the hip-hop equivalent of a roundhouse kick to the face from both the beatsmith and his incredible cast of collaborators.

And in case that comparison sounds hyperbolic, here’s what the producer said about his mindset when he started crafting the album’s beats: “I wanted to make an album that sounds like the movie ‘Bloodsport’ with a tournament of diverse, unique talent.

To meet his goal, BP worked on this project for more than 18 months as he painstakingly sorted through existing beats and created new instrumentals for the project.

He then fleshed out the instrumentals that he thought specifically matched the artists he wanted to work with.

This meant ensuring that the likes of Elzhi, Redman, Elucid, Skyzoo, and many others had the brawl-inducing beats they needed.

To kick things off, BP Infinite serves up a menacing backdrop on “Kill Or Be Killed”, the producer’s brand-new banger featuring RJ Payne and Skyzoo.

The two emcees embrace the track’s mantra with murderous raps aimed at their opponents’ jugulars, especially as they shift from one verse to the next and compare the location of their enemies’ leftover blood.

“Kill Or Be Killed” is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, with the full length compilation of the same title available now for digital pre-order through Common Virtue Records.

Stay tuned for the vinyl pre-order announcement!!!

BP Infinite feat. RJ Payne & Skyzoo “Kill Or Be Killed” (Audio)

Kill Or Be Killed‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Tournament Of Champions featuring DJ Stitches
  2. Kill Or Be Killed featuring RJ Payne & Skyzoo
  3. Street Vengeance featuring Tragedy Khadafi & Nature
  4. We Out Of Here featuring Elucid & Gudda Vell
  5. They Know Who It Is featuring E Class & Nature
  6. Kill Squad featuring Redman & DJ Stitches
  7. Love & War featuring Eddie Kaine, J. Arrr, & Bub Rock
  8. Raise Your Glass featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq, 9th Prince, & Bunchy Cartier
  9. Can’t Fuck With Me featuring Tragedy Khadafi, Mooch, & DJ Stitches
  10. No Replay featuring Tragedy Khadafi & Gudda Vell
  11. The End featuring Shots Almigh & E Murda
  12. Screwface featuring Dunbar
  13. Deep In My Heart featuring Cory Gunz, Tragedy Khadafi, Elzhi, & Murkemz
  14. I Survived featuring Shots Almigh & Eddie Kaine
  15. Listen Up Part II featuring Pillz & Bunch Cartier



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