Bono & Chris Rock Discuss ‘Rappers Delight’ & Rap Music On U2X-Radio’s ‘Bono Calling’

Bono & Chris Rock Discuss 'Rappers Delight' & Rap Music On U2X-Radio's 'Bono Calling'

Designed as a conversation between Bono and guests from every discipline, from world leaders, to local activists, to movie stars, “Bono Calling” explores seven questions about life, work, hope and the future. On the inaugural episode of “Bono Calling”, Bono spoke with Chris Rock.

Bono’s final question to Rock: “Is there a song that saved your life?” Rock shared, “’Rapper’s Delight,” from Sugarhill Gang, changed the trajectory of my existence.” Rock explain how and why as the two discuss rap music, where Bono also reflects, “There’s something about rap, it’s amazing that it serves language, whichever the language.”

Bono & Chris Rock Discuss 'Rappers Delight' & Rap Music On U2X-Radio's 'Bono Calling'

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