Bobby Wagner On Truss Levelz Podcast

Bobby Wagner On Truss Levelz Podcast

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner joined the latest episode of “Truss Levelz” with Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan to discuss his career journey, going from a 2-star recruit Utah State to being named on the NFL’s 2010s All-Decade team, his impact on the community, and more.

The episode features plenty of fun banter and inside-the-locker room insights including discovering his 2012 Seahawks draft class (which also included Russell WIlson and Bruce Irvin) receive an ‘F’ grade from numerous pundits, to accidentally landing his first major hit in the league on teammate Richard Sherman, as well as revealing his secret mission to get Nike to approve an all-black with green trim uniform combo for Seahawks!

Episode highlights include:

  • Looking Back on the Seahawks 2012 Draft Class Receiving an ‘F’ Grade (16:30):I remember watching the guys on TV say every pick was Trash…Literally every time Seattle picked in 2012 they had nothing nice to say. Then we got our grade and it was an F, saying it was the worst draft…2 years later we won the Super Bowl!”
  • Bobby on his most memorable hit (22:00):My first major hit, I accidentally hit ‘Sherm’ [Richard Sherman]. So it was a slot route, Sherm was trying to break it up and I was just trying to hit something…If I can hit my teammate that hard, I can definitely hit somebody else.”
  • On the Infamous Super Bowl XLIX Goal Line play (26:15):Marshawn should have ran it fo sho. Everybody knows that but that was a great play…It was a dope play but it got even greater when you hear the backstory how he [Malcolm Butler] was making mistakes in practice.”
  • Bobby shares his dream Seahawks jersey combo (32:10):I like I’m trying to get Nike to agree with this but we’re gonna get black jerseys with lime green trim. I’m not retiring until that happens. That’s going to be my favorite jersey combo!”

Still-to-come guests on the premiere season of “Truss Levelz” include Lamar Jackson, Travis Kelce, Derrick Henry, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, and more.

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