@BlowHipHopTV (@Ebony_Reece) Presents Hip Hop Rewind: Episode 9

@BlowHipHopTV (@Ebony_Reece) Presents Hip Hop Rewind: Episode 9

This week on Hip Hop Rewind, BLOW! hit the streets to cover Ray J's questionable new track, "I Hit It First" as well as Rick Ross and Jay-Z, the former Def Jam multimillionaires who take a few missteps in the last few weeks that have had a domino effect from women's groups to President Obama.

To start it off, does anybody really believe Ray J hit her first? Doubt it; the "home movie" showed some experience for sure. But to put out that song now is lower than dirt, ... but, it's also one of those moves that keeps Ray J relevant and talked about in this game. Pay attention.

And if Ricky Rozay didn't have enough problems with semi-auto attempts on his life, repeated seizures, cancelled concerts, and other major issues, Ross has now been dropped from Reebok for suggestively detailing a rape scenario in his appearance on the Rocko single, "U.N.E.N.O.". Womens' groups and concerned persons participated in protests and petition based campaigns that shuddered Reebok's flagship NYC store and eventually drove Reebok to their final decision.

The streets never stop watching Jay-Z the rapper, agent, money man, and personal friend of the POTUS. Jay has become so presidential that he traveled to Cuba for a cultural exploration of cigars and a coincidental celebration of his 5th anniversary accompanied by a few dozen other associates and family. News of the Carters' travel apparently angered many which prompted Shawn to turn into Jay and retort with an overnight record titled "Open Letter" produced by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland -- lotta money in that room.

"Rick Ross x Ray J Street Reactions" - 0:25
"Jay Z Leaves Brooklyn Nets" - 3:19
"Video Of The Week" - 4:17
"Top 5 Videos" - 5:00