@BlowHipHopTV (@BreadyFilth) Interviews Euro League (@IAmEuroLeague)

@BlowHipHopTV (@BreadyFilth) Interviews Euro League (@IAmEuroLeague)

Euro League and his Reelife team members are prime examples of the new generation of rappers and producers who are no longer waiting for major artists co-signs or an A&R to help them break through. Instead it is through the use of social media, a strong production core and consistent output that is setting up Bronx native, Euro League to emerge as one of the most anticipated artists out of New York.

Growing up in todays society leaves little room for young men to express themselves or a means to deal with everyday life. Euro turned to writing at a young age in order to channel his frustrations and quickly realized he had a talent. A talent to nurture and a talent to build upon. Instead of vieweing his opportunity selfishly, Euro understood he had an obligation not only to himself but also to his closest family and friends who were his initial support.

“It was just an outlet to speak my mind. I had a lot of things going on (and) a lot of pain I was feeling mentally. I aint have no way to express that. Once I got into writing everything out I just felt like that was my talent. Doing music gives me something to prove and I don’t want to let people down if they see I have this talent.”

Euro League has set himself apart with his lyrical delivery, but it’s his understanding of his position as an indie artist that is extremely valuable. There’s no radio budget, advertising support or major label push, and everything is done by him and his team. His ever-present partner in crime is producer, MP Williams who has been equally on the rise producing for the Reelife collective as well the “Ghetto Symphony” track for A$AP Rocky’s debut LP, LONG.LIVE.A$AP.

Chasing the dream of being an artist is never easy but compounded with paying bills and other typical obligations the strongest person can be easily discouraged. However, Euro is undaunted and moves forward daily with a confidence that relies strictly on his talent and desire for better and perhaps an eventual rap perfection.

As Euro details, “Man it’s hard work cause everything is done by you, and then you realize that you have priorities that you still have to take care of… You do sacrifice things at home with family and (spending) time with people that you really care about. It’s about perserverance, once you start to see that its possible you just keep going for it.”

In the past few months Euro has been honored with repeated appearances on a host of blogs and major media outlets covering his music and most usually a team directed music video. Most notably was his release of his single “Social Network” featuring Bronx comrade, Denzil Porter which definitely made some waves and creatively detailed the addictive use, posturing, and collective craze with social sharing platforms.

Look out for his EP “Euro Trip Continuum” coming late Summer.

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