@BlowHipHopTV (@BreadyFilth @AvenueP) Interview: @HzGlobal (@HeirDash & @RetchyP)

@BlowHipHopTV (@BreadyFilth @AvenueP) Interview: @HzGlobal (@HeirDash & @RetchyP)

Da$h and Retch are part of the new generation that generally doesnt give a f*ck about what you think or percieve about them. They know who they are and they’re comfortable within the degenerate label of society that is so easily placed on them. Ironically they’re intelligence has nothing to do with the “labels” as they are two of the brightest and lyrically sharp artist emerging out of their class.

Hailing from New Jersey, the H’z (Da$h and Retch) have a hardcore sound reminiscent of popular artist like Mobb Deep, Planet Asia or even The Clipse. Their 2012 “La Cienega” project created waves and they have amassed memorable features on projects from A$ton Matthews, Chuck Inglish and the A$AP Mob have set them further apart and established their reputation for making gritty 90’s inspired music.

Da$h reflects on what comparisons he feels best apply to them.

“If I was to have to compare ourselves to The Clipse or Mobb Deep, I would definitely say Mobb Deep. The way they were recognized and the way their presence was felt when they came into the game. They knew they were young but they knew they were ahead of everyone else.”

As nephew of famed rap mogul, Dame Dash, young Da$h rarely if at all uses that to try and boost his persona and entre into the game. He’s worked to develop his music and career largely on his own with help from key people like his brother, Stevie B and the young music guru A$AP Yams. With such a powerful affiliation, people began to take notice to what the young Heirs had to say.

“I know a lot of people see me with the A$AP Mob, Yams hit me up because he wanted to make sure I was on the Mob tape. The first song I did was Jay Reed with me and 12vy. That shit was fire you feel me, I fit right in where I was supposed to…”.

Degenerates or not it takes disicpline and a consistent focus to make music, shoot videos, and develop the right relationships in order to be successful in the game. Retch, the self proclaimed “Lo God” has watched closely and maintains a firm understanding of what he and Da$h have to do to reach the next level.

“The secret to being a successful delinquent is being able to channel your past endeavors to your future accolades and being able to turn that into a business sense going into something as a grown man.”

Everyone has a different recording process and of course Da$h and Retch are no different. Working closely with the talented Mordeci beats as well as classic sessions with the legendary beatsmith, The Alchemist has afforded the duo ample time to craft their sound. Da$h gives us some insight on exactly how he and his partner mesh in the studio.

“Me and Retch, the reason we collaborate so well is because that’s really my mans. If we’re in a room and a beat comes on we don’t really have to talk about what were gonna rap about, our shit is still gonna come together bread and butter every time”.