BLKPRL “Wannabe” (Video)

BLKPRL “Wannabe” (Video)

BLKPRL releases the visual for his “Wannabe” single.

Bronx, NY-born and raised rapper and singer BLKPRL keeps the summer going with the release of the video for his debut single, “Wannabe”, today.

Directed by John Tashiro, the visual for “Wannabe” gives off a feel-good, block party vibe, perfect for these last lazy days of summer.

The gifted singer-songwriter-performer has a hybrid sound that effortlessly pulls from his wildly diverse musical heroes from rap, rhythm and blues, Caribbean music, and even pop.

BLKPRL “Wannabe” (Video)

BLKPRL’s life-of-the-party mantra is as “hood as it is sexy”—his mission: to make undeniable, universal anthems that move the body, soul, and spirit.

“Wannabe” is a lush, two-step single that features a nod to the Sporty Thievz’ 1999 street hip-hop classic, “What I Look Like”.

The infectious energy on this track is a taste of what’s to come on BLKPRL’s anticipated debut project.

I want people to hear my story while enjoying the overall vibe and sound that I’m putting out there,” says a passionate BLKPRL. “If there is any point in the day when people are feeling low, I want to inspire them to enjoy life. We’re so burdened by evil, calamity, and chaos… just all kinds of crazy shit. I want to be that break from the norm. I want to do what Frankie Beverly & Maze did. There could be a fight at a cookout, and then you hear ‘Before I Let Go’, and everybody is now doing the electric slide. That’s my energy.”

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