BLKPRL “Wannabe” (Audio)

BLKPRL “Wannabe” (Audio)

Hip Hop fueled-R&B visionary BLKPRL releases his debut single, “Wannabe”.

Bronx, NY-born and raised rapper/singer BLKPRL releases his debut single, “Wannabe”, today.

The gifted singer-songwriter-performer is turning heads with a hybrid sound that effortlessly pulls from his wildly diverse musical heroes from rap, rhythm and blues, Caribbean music, and even pop.

BLKPRL’s life-of-the-party mantra is as ‘hood as it is sexy—his mission: to make undeniable, universal anthems that move the body, soul, and spirit.

I want people to hear my story… my side of it,” says a passionate BLKPRL. “If there is any point in the day when people are feeling low, I want to inspire them to enjoy life. We’re so burdened by evil, calamity, and chaos… just all kind of crazy shit. I want to be that break from the norm. I want to do what Frankie Beverly & Maze did. There could be a fight at a cookout and then you hear ‘Before I Let Go’ and everybody is now doing the electric slide. That’s my energy.”

The lush, two-step first single, “Wannabe”, features a nod to the Sporty Thievz’ 1999 street hip hop classic, “What I Look Like”, and has BLKPRL hitting the club to forget about a stressful relationship.

The infectious energy on this track is a taste of what’s to come on BLKPRL’s anticipated debut project.

BLKPRL “Wannabe” (Audio)

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