Black Woman Sues JFK Airport For $35 Million Over Racist Cavity Search

Violated traveler Tameika Lovell sitting in the dark [Photo Credit: The New York Daily News]

A lawsuit filed by Tameika Lovell, a 33-year-old African-American woman, claims that she was violated by customs agents at JFK Airport in New York City because of her race, reports NewsOne.

From the New York Daily News:

Lovell was pulled off the line and questioned, there were some curious queries from female officers — like if Lovell was married or had a boyfriend, and whether medication in her bag was birth control. She said a male supervisor came over and asked how she could afford to travel so much.

Lovell said the female officers brought her to the private room and when she saw the bench with the attached handcuffs, her heart started racing. She was told to put her hands on the wall and squat. Lovell said a female officer performed a cavity search.

According to the outlet, Lovell is suing for $35 million.