Black Woman Makes History w/Black Hair Care Products Store In Korea

Black Woman Makes History w/Black Hair Care Products Store In Korea

Black-owned businesses have especially been thriving in the U.S. in recent years. However, Jessica Fry, a native of Michigan, has also found success in South Korea, where she owns not just one, but multiple successful businesses! Her first business, Honey Hair, is one of the largest beauty supply stores in the country.

Eleven years ago, Fry left the U.S. for South Korea to teach English and to save money as she initially planned to invest in real estate. She chose that specific country after she “read a blog that you can come to Korea and work and not have to pay rent,” she said in an interview with Travel Noire.

When she came to South Korea, she saw limitless opportunities to grow numerous businesses. She lived in Pyeongtaek area near a large Army and Air Force base and realized the need for more Black hair care products. After researching how to make the soldiers’ lives easier, she opened her first beauty supply store called Honey Hair that offers unique beauty products.

“I wanted to meet the needs of Black women. I have also expanded to being able to meet the needs of women in general, even Asian women. A unique quality that I have is that I’m a great buyer. So, I’m great at finding the trendiest things and products that people need,” Fry said.

After the success of her first business, she decided to venture into other businesses as well. She opened a small boutique clothing store that she eventually sold to the government. She then tried her hand in starting a small sandwich shop which helped her gain a lot of experience to open a bigger restaurant called JJ’s American Diner.

“The restaurant is really focused on being just like America,” Fry said. “It’s a novel experience for the Koreans and a taste of home for the soldiers.”

There really is no stopping Fry who plans on launching more businesses such as a swimsuit shop and a natural and holistic health business.

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