Black-Owned Coffee & Tea Shop Making Impact w/Three Chicago Locations

Black-Owned Coffee & Tea Shop Making Impact w/Three Chicago Locations

Ever since 1970 when Starbucks opened their first coffee shop in Seattle, Washington, coffee shops have been springing up everywhere across the nation. But there are also many Black-owned coffee shops that have found success, such as Sip & Savor which now has three locations in Chicago, Illinois.

More than 12 years of success

Sip & Savor is owned by entrepreneur, Trez Pugh III, who opened his first coffee and tea shop in 2005 and now has 3 locations in Chicago. He is the first to admit that being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. He was still working full-time at another job when he started his coffee shops because, as he explained, running a small business requires cash investments, and having a steady source of income is vital to getting qualified for a loan.

Pugh's coffee shops serve the finest coffee, made from certified organic and shade grown coffee beans, as well as exotic teas, espresso, lattes, and cappuccino. Customers can also enjoy their favorite beverage with a muffin or bagel, croissant, breakfast sandwich, soup, or cake.

The service must be great because they keep getting rave reviews, and are already being called "The Black Starbucks of Chicago".

More locations coming soon

Sip & Savor is located in the following Chicago areas: 5301 S. Hyde Park (Del Prado Building), 528 E. 43 St., Bronzeville, and 2239 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago. But Pugh has recently announced that he is working on a fourth location at 4600 S. Michigan Ave. (Rosenwald Court Apartments), and even has plans already for a fifth location.

He is even planning to start serving beer and wine at some of his locations.

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