Black Bus Driver Knocks Out Racist White Passenger After He Drops N-Bomb & Spits On Him

A bus driver in Florida lost his job after attacking a man who called him racial slurs and spit on him.

According to local news outlet CBS12, a white Palm Tran bus passenger taunted the black driver with racial slurs and threatening remarks.

According to the bus drivers’ union, the taunting lasted for about 15 minutes.

A video recording that captured the incident shows the bus driver confronting the man.

“You call me n— one more time! You call me n—– one more time and I’m gonna (inaudible) your (expletive)!” shouted the Palm Tran driver.

The driver then starts punching the passenger after he spits on him, knocking him unconscious.

“Emotionally the driver lost it, and reacted in self-defense as well as reacted to being spit upon,” the bus drivers’ union told CBS12.

But Palm Tran described the driver’s actions as “an egregious and abhorrent level of misconduct.”

The incident occurred in May.


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