@BlabberMouf Is 'On Da Rise'

BlabberMouf - Da Flowin' Dutchman [Album Artwork]

With his upcoming new record "Da Flowin' Dutchman" (which you can pre-order via Vinyl DigitalSpotify | iTunes | Apple Music | Amazon [Single | Album]), BlabberMouf invites you on a journey with him and his companions to experience the world he lives in. Stranded right in the middle of nowhere, "I get on" he states and gets started right away with what he does best. Together with Christmaz, he makes sure that everybody's gonna "Listen Up" and flows himself through this musical jungle full of wack MC's you definitely need to leave behind if you want to reach something – and Blabber surely does! On his third solo record, Blabber did what almost seemed impossible: He developed his style even more although it already was close to perfection! He added some more reggae and he flows, twists, turns, beatboxes and sings. Everything and always 100% on point!

His fellows are on point as well: Vincent de Boer with his amazing and breathtaking hand-drawn artwork making a perfect match to this extraordinary record, Truffel the Phunky Phaqir who is responsible for every dope beat on the album, as well as Mokum Productions rounding up the whole thing with an excellent and adequate sound.

This album is definitely one of the most fascinating, skilled, and at the same time relaxed English speaking hip hop albums of the year!

You can give the music video for his single "On Da Rise" a watch below…