Big Twins & DirtyDiggs Drop ‘Queensbridge’ EP & ‘Do It Big, Do Em Dirty/Cash In’ Video

Big Twins & DirtyDiggs Drop 'Queensbridge' EP & 'Do It Big, Do Em Dirty/Cash In' Video

The New York-meets-Los Angeles team of rapper Big Twins and production duo DirtyDiggs pack more into their Queensbridge EP than most acts could hope to do on a full-length effort. That’s because the six tracks on here embody the passion and spirit of the Queensbridge native himself, who sums up the gospel of his entire career on “Do It Big, Do Em Dirty” when he raps: “Back to the streets, fuck the bullsht salary / I gotta do it big and make my mom dukes proud of me.”

That sentiment rings true throughout Queensbridge, whether Twins is flexing over DirtyDiggs’ psychedelic production on “No Hesitation” or if he’s getting what he deserves on the soulful “Cash In”. Twins and his production collaborators absolutely put their whole foot—and then some—into their respective work throughout the EP, and a big part of that drive has to do with the emcee’s upbringing.

Growing up in Queensbridge scarred me for life, but also helped me get out of the hood to become a businessman and do what I do,” Twins explains. “To this day, I continue to visit QB a few times a year, shooting videos and keeping in touch with people there. It reminds me how hard my life is and makes me want to work harder.”

Twins shows love to other cities as well, including his collaborators’ own hometown of Los Angeles, where he traveled for the new two-part video for “Do It Big, Do Em Dirty” and “Cash In”. The visuals showcase the emcee in his element, meditating on life and its woes while delivering raw, tack-sharp raps.

As a whole, Twins puts on for his native Queensbridge stomping ground and for hip-hop in general. There’s a lot of love for the culture in his raps, especially in the way he continues to hustle and work at his craft. As he says on the track “Smell Like Blood”: “[I’m] a hard worker, never see me lazy.” It’s a fitting slice of bravado, yet an accurate description of his plans for 2020.

In addition to this EP, Twins has a stocked pipeline of releases set for the remainder of the year with the likes of DJ Woool, Twiz The Beat Pro, Alchemist, and Havoc, as well as his IM3 family, to name a few. He also has a project in the works with Durag Dynasty, the West Coast trio of Planet Asia, TriState, and Killer Ben who appear on Queensbridge’sInfamous Chain” along with Godfather Pt. III.

Despite the heavy release roster, Twins is already leaving a major mark on 2020 with this EP alone. We’re just all lucky that it’s only the start of what he planned for this year. The Queensbridge EP is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms via Grimey Records.

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