Beyoncé, SZA, & Cardi B Targets Of J. Holiday’s Meltdown

Beyoncé, SZA, & Cardi B Targets Of J. Holiday's Meltdown

When you hear the name J. Holiday in 2018, what is the first thing that comes to your mind???

Well apparently, the recent meltdown he had on Instagram could be one of many things that’ll come to your mind. Holiday took the time to make Beyoncé, SZA, & Cardi B targets of his meltdown crying about how hard it is to be a Black man when it comes to Grammy nominations.

In my opinion, I feel like Holiday is exaggerating a little bit here in this meltdown as I’ve lost count of how many Black men have received Grammy nominations–even if it’s not everyday. But then again, J. Holiday is not a name you hear everyday in 2018 so I guess his temper-tantrum makes some kind of sense.

A few words from Holiday’s meltdown include:

“…stop using that fucking pain to make it okay to say some bullshit on your record…you’re nominated for a Grammy for going through some bullshit, cause so have I…as a Black motherfucking man.”

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